source of pencil case

The cloth bag, also known as the pencil case, is a kind of box or bag used to carry stationery mainly pens. It is the stationery often used by students who need to carry a lot of stationery. In addition to pens, the pen case can also hold other stationery, such as: pencil sharpeners, erasers, various ball pens, computers, highlighters, rotating crayons, correction tapes, correction fluids, rulers, compasses, label paper, Post-it notes, quirky pens, refills, pen drives, utility knives, and more.




Pencil boxes can also be used as decorations, as items to beautify the space. There are many types of pencil cases, most of which are closed by zippers. In addition, during important exams, some exam rooms will stipulate that only transparent pencil cases or pencil cases can be used.

source of pencil case
source of pencil case
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